We’re critical about gripping farmers marketplace furnish on a menu all year long. Alexandra Stafford of Alexandra Kitchen shows us how to store, prep, and make a many of it, yet wasting a scrap.

As a CSA subscriber, we accept that during several points during a flourishing deteriorate we will feel overloaded by something in my weekly share. Radishes, zucchini, and dark, shaggy greens come to mind. Finding artistic uses for these bounties is a challenge, yet roughly as perplexing for me is a conflicting unfolding — when we accept only a handful of something: a odd kohlrabi bulb, a singular summer squash, a tiny garland of turnips. How to renovate these tiny quantities into estimable dishes is a consistent challenge.

Alexandra Stafford

Turnips, in particular, difficulty me. My many new CSA share arrived with only 4 tiny turnips: smooth, white orbs with splendid greens intact. we turned, as we mostly do this time of year, to Chez Panisse Vegetables, then contemplated my options. Should we sauté them in steep or crow fat (of course!) until good browned and tender? Braise them with carrots, butter, and water? Roast them until caramelized?

While any of these preparations sounded elementary and lovely, zero would have left me surfeited. we can eat a piece vessel of roasted vegetables alone; 4 roasted turnips would disappear in dual minutes. I indispensable my turnips to do more. 

Alexandra Stafford

Inspired by a recipe for beet burgers that called for puréeing proposal beets and carrots with farro and other seasonings, we gave my turnips a same treatment: Into a food processor they went, roots and greens together, with garlic, scallions, herbs, and rice. Out of a processor, we folded in uninformed breadcrumbs to connect all together and we combined seeds for texture. we portioned out 5 patties — not bad for a medium garland of turnips — afterwards began browning them.

Alexandra Stafford

I was certain a burgers would be good — a proposal reduction tasted honeyed with an worldly punch — yet as a patties sizzled in a pan, we couldn’t assistance yet feel we had finished a harm to a turnips, puréeing them to an unrecognizable state, masking their season with buns, pickles, and hummus. Had Alice Waters taught me nothing? Should we have simply halved them and thrown them on a list with butter, flaky sea salt, and good bread?

Alexandra Stafford

But as a patties emerged, colourful green, studded with seeds, beautifully crisp, we started to perk up: One punch of these burgers positive me this credentials had distinguished these immature roots in all their glory. Until we find myself overloaded with turnips, I’ll happily set excellence aside.

Alexandra Stafford

Choosing and storing your turnips:

This time of year, demeanour for small, white Japanese turnips with smooth, organisation skins and bright, proposal greens intact. Trim greens from roots and store any in bags in a refrigerator. The roots will final longer than a greens, yet try to use both within a week.

Prepping your turnips:

Turnips can be dirty, so if necessary, rinse them underneath H2O to mislay silt and courage or soak them in a play of cold H2O until a mud settles to bottom. Small, proposal Japanese turnips do not need to be peeled.

Cooking your turnips:

Most simply, turnips can be steamed until tender, afterwards tossed with butter, salt, pepper, and herbs. Or roasted with olive oil and salt until caramelized. Or braised, roots and greens together, with butter, water, and salt. Or roasted and puréed into a tawny mash. Similar to radishes, yet a bit reduction spicy, turnips can be thinly sliced and served tartine-style with bread, butter, and salt.

Alexandra Stafford

Here are a few some-more ideas: 

  • Thinly shave an collection of vegetables — turnips, carrots, beets, and squish — afterwards toss with an anchovy-garlic sauce.

  • Sauté potatoes with turnip greens, afterwards supplement eggs and Parmesan cheese, and bake into a frittata.

  • Make a restorative miso soup with uninformed turmeric, mushrooms, and eccentric soba noodles.

  • Wilt wisps of turnips, carrots, parsnips, yams and/or other roots in butter and sage, afterwards prepare down with lemon, water, and maple syrup until a vegetables are proposal and glazed.

  • Simmer turnips with leeks in duck stock, then purée into a tawny soup that can be served prohibited or chilled. Top with bacon and wilted turnip or radish greens if we have them.

  • Roast turnips with leeks and rutabagas, afterwards toss with toasted farro, herbs, and lemony farmer’s cheese for a light cooking or robust lunch.

  • Make a crunchy salad-slaw with a tangy, tawny dressing for a crisp-cool side plate to have on palm all summer long.

  • Make turnip tots by parboiling turnips first, afterwards sautéing with butter, panko, mint, and lemon zest.

  • Pickle slices of turnips with cauliflower and beets, a normal Syrian recipe typically served as an appetizer.

Alexandra Stafford

Turnip Burgers

See a full recipe (and save it and imitation it) here. 

Makes 5 patties

3 to 4 tiny turnips with greens (12 to 14 ounces)

1 1/2 to 2 cups uninformed breadcrumb

1 scallion

1 to 2 cloves garlic

Herbs, whatever we have

1 teaspoon kosher salt, and some-more to taste

1 crater baked rice

1/3 crater seeds, such as a brew of millet, sesame, poppy, and flax

Freshly burst pepper

Grapeseed or canola oil for frying

Buns or naan, hummus or tahini sauce, and/or pickles for serving