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Siblings ‘deeply sorry’ for stripping on mountaintop

REGINA – A hermit and sister from Saskatchewan contend they are “deeply sorry” for holding off their garments on tip of a dedicated towering in Malaysia.

Lindsey and Danielle Petersen have expelled a matter observant they did not meant to provoke anyone and were not wakeful of a devout stress of Mount Kinabalu.

“The essence of a hearts and all else that was laid unclothed during a limit knowledge were a thoughtfulness of a merriment and fun we felt for a feat of climbing a tallest rise in Southeast Asia,” says a statement.

“There was positively no ill intent.”

The siblings were among 10 foreigners who nude exposed and took photos on a towering on May 30.

A internal central has pronounced their poise was unpleasant and caused an trembler a few days after that killed 18 climbers.

The Canadians, along with Dutch citizen Dylan Snel and British tyro Eleanor Hawkins, were arrested and spent 3 days in jail before pleading guilty to open indecency. They were also fined a homogeneous of about $1,600 Canadian any and immediately deported.

The Petersens arrived behind in Saskatchewan over a weekend. A chairman who answered a phone during their parents’ home in Wood Mountain, southwest of Regina, declined comment.

Lindsey Petersen, an engineering connoisseur from a University of Regina, had minute his travels via Asia over a final 7 months on Facebook. When his sister assimilated him in Bali, Indonesia, in April, he referred to them as a “dynamic duo.”

The story of their apprehension in Malaysia done headlines around a universe and sparked a contention on honour for informative beliefs.

“This is an knowledge that we have schooled from and will never forget,” a siblings contend in a statement.

It ends with a quote from Mark Twain: “Clothes make a man. Naked people have small or no change in society.”

Siblings ‘deeply sorry’ for stripping on mountaintop

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